Case Studies

One-hour Teeth Whitening with Opalescence.
This patient was thrilled with the results.
She treated herself to teeth whitening as a reward for quitting smoking.
The patient followed her in-chair whitening with the customized take-home system.

The Patient was concerned about the colour, shape and size of his front teeth.

Dr. Sacco restored them with veneers.

Patient Advises:
“After many years of grimacing because I was too ashamed to smile, I finally took the plunge and saw Dr. Sacco about getting front caps. I should have done it years ago. They look great and give me a lot more confidence in social situations.
What really impressed me about Dr. Sacco was the amount of care and attention she took to make sure that the caps fitted perfectly with my jaw action. They feel like my old front teeth when I eat – but they certainly look much better when I smile.”

The patient’s front teeth were visibly broken so Dr. Sacco placed a composite dental bonding material on the teeth as a temporary solution to restore the aesthetic look of the teeth until permanent dental restorations could be completed.

The first incisor did not appear visibly damaged but the intra-oral camera did reveal that the tooth was fractured.
Dr. Sacco suspected that the tooth was more heavily damaged than it appeared since the teeth on both sides had visible damage due to the impact.
A week after the fall, a portion of the tooth broke off due to the trauma it sustained during the accident.
Dr. Sacco determined that porcelain veneers should be placed on the damaged front teeth to restore the patient’s smile to its original brilliance.